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Classroom Guidance Lessons Update

Classroom Guidance lessons update

Classroom Guidance lessons update


Did you know each grade has classroom guidance lessons about once a month?  Lessons focus on Bullying Prevention, Internet safety, Media literacy, Career Awareness, Impulse control and many more topics.


                                Spotlight on: 6th Grade                                  


At the beginning of the school year all 6thgrade students took a brief survey regarding what topics they would like to see in guidance lessons this year.  One of the most identified topics by students was media literacy.  6thGrade just finished up two lessons on media literacy.  Students were encouraged to look at the media with a critical eye and be more aware of the messages the media can send us. Students are exposed to different forms of media throughout the day.   Students watched a short video called Dove “Evolution of Beauty”.  This clip showed just what can go into an advertisement that many of us (including adults!) can take at face value.  Students collaborated in groups to “dissect” a print advertisement answering questions such as “What is the hook of this ad?” and “Does this ad make you want to buy this product?”  Students came up with very insightful and creative ideas regarding strategies used by advertisers.  They asked some great questions to challenge each other to look beyond face value.  Next time you are watching TV or reading a magazine look over and ask your 6thgrader what they think of the ad using their “critical eye”!