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Every year the Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires the school nurse to provide certain health screenings for students.  These screenings supplement your physician’s routine physical examinations.  The annual school nurse screenings include evaluation of vision for all students in Kindergarten through 5th grade, 7th grade and 10th grade.  Evaluation of hearing is done for all students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade, 7th grade and 10th grade. Postural screening for scoliosis is done in grades 5 through 9.  Recent changes to the growth screenings for height and weight require that all students in grades 1, 4, 7 and 10 be measured and their Body Mass Index, or BMI be calculated.  

 A Body Mass Index, or BMI, is a measure that is used to show a person’s “weight for height for age.” It is calculated using an individual’s height and weight.  Just like a vision screening test, a BMI can be a useful tool in identifying possible health risks.  

The purpose of the BMI Screening Program is to give you information about your child’s weight status and ideas for living a healthy life.  In the Pentucket Regional School District we address our student’s health and wellness with a comprehensive approach that includes health screenings, physical activity programs, nutrition and health education.

The school nurse will supervise your child’s screening and will make sure your child’s privacy is respected at all times.  The results of your child’s health screenings are strictly confidential – the results will be kept in your child’s school health record. You will be notified of your child’s results from the BMI screening and we encourage you to share this information with your child’s health care provider. Your child’s doctor or nurse is in the best position to evaluate his or her overall health and can explain the results of his or her BMI screening. You will also be notified if your child did not pass the vision, hearing or postural screenings.

The purpose of this screening program is to give you information about your child’s health and well being and to increase community awareness of healthy eating and active living.  The Pentucket Regional School district is very interested in making sure that children are healthy and ready to learn.  This year, the Health Screening Program will again be part of our efforts.  

Please contact the school nurse if you do not want your child to participate in these Health Screenings or if you have any questions about the Health Screening Program.  Additional information about children’s wellness and fitness is available upon request.


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